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Miscellaneous, Trays, Boles, Eye Drains, Eye Shields, Eye Spears, Ocular Sticks, Scleral Plugs

Miscellaneous, Trays, Boles, Eye Drains, Eye Shields, Eye Spears, Ocular Sticks, Scleral Plugs

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  • Silicone Finger Mats
    extra soft, light blue materialwith narrow fine nubbins fits tray 1/3 (MIS-0540)

  • Sterilization tray with lid, stainless steel, electropolished, 4 lower and 2 upper instrument supports, for use in autoclave,
    outer dimension: 270x175x30mm innovative hole pattern for improved steam penetration - unique silicone instrument support system, for maximum steam contact and rugged fixation - beveled edges and smooth round corners for optimum handling and reduced drying time - clever instrument support elements for easy adaption to individual needs Accessories:...

  • Sterilization Case, 252 x 209 x 24 mm
    stainless steel, including silicone support matFor safe transport and sterilization of instruments in a compact footprint. Features extra big holes in tray and silicon mat, for improved steam penetration and easy cleaning.

  • Sterilization Case, double level
    stainless steel, incl. 2 silicone mats

    325 mm x 265 mm x 42 mm

    Allows to safely bring valuable instruments through the sterilization process and store them in a safe place, until needed. Accommodating up to 50 instruments simultaneously, the unit comes with silicone instrument support mats, safety pins that inhibit pressure from the...

  • Injector for Intracapsular Ring Implant
    Overall length161 mm,6.3 in.,Titan trunkStainless hook 0.3mm dia, 0.85 mm height

  • Steri Oil 12ml, 0,4 fl. oz., 7.0mm Tip
    Without lubrication, surgical instruments with a screw or threading such as needle holders, scissors or (most) speculums become stiff after reprocessing, due to friction. A drop of Steri-Oil at the right spot prevents such instrument malfunction and assures smooth operation.
    a1 medical Steri -Oil is ideally suited for instrument care after steam...

Showing 55 - 60 of 60 items